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Hello I'm denno! I love kagerou project and NERU things.

You can summon me using cats and neru and konoene/harutaka~
Nice to meet you!

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oh man ok apparently this kid at our school saw a kitten before getting on the bus so he just. picked it up. and stuffed it in his hood and he had it in the hood the entire day and it just took naps and he fed it his milk during lunch and every time the cat meowed one of the other kids would like cough or sneeze or shuffle so the teacher couldnt hear it and he even let it walk around on the tables in one class and the teacher never saw it it was so precious life is amazing


@soraruru カツカレー食べちゃったよダイエットって何なんだ?なんなんだ?
Soraru: I ate curry with pork cutlet, what is dieting? Hmm what’s that?

@soraruru 糖質制限ダイエット・・・するか・・・でもご飯食べたい・・・

Soraru: A diet that restricts the intake of carbohydrate… should i do it… but i want to eat rice…

@soraruru でも糖質制限ダイエットは鶏肉とか食べまくって良いらしいから毎日鶏肉パーティできる

Soraru: But apparently a carbohydrate restricting diet requires you to eat lots of chicken, so it’s possible to have chicken parties everyday


matching icons for u and ur evil gang 



chap 136 the long awaited hidekane angst weeps

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