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I wanted that heart moving too =_=
Hello I'm denno! I love kagerou project and NERU things.

You can summon me using cats and neru and konoene/harutaka~

Nice to meet you


aoba cake is my fav dmmd character!!!!!



lessons learned from anime

  • don’t get inside the robot
  • people with bad haircuts always lose
  • the cute girl is psycho
  • the cute guy isn’t human
  • when in doubt scream “baka” and run away
  • glasses should be adjusted with one finger in a condescending manner
  • gotta catch em all
  • and maybe probably respect your elders
  • white haired boy dies



※Permission to upload this was given by the artist…


the shin


By 圈酱(リソグ)

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.


I asked myself:
When is Birthday’s birthday?
Does Moral have any moral?
How nice would it be to have Nice’s ability?
Is Art arty?????
What is the hardest ratio that Ratio had to solve??????

Alright, gonna say this again


Please, please, please add a source to your reposted arts! It’s reaaaallly important to the artists, some of them already deleted their Pixiv accounts because their art is being reposted everywhere without permission or source

If you want to repost someone’s art, please ask them first and be sure to add a source.

"Yeah, but how should we ask if we can’t speak japanese?!"

Oh wow lookie here templates! 

*gasp* What is this, a permission list!

And please don’t be a butt saying “I don’t care if other artists delete their accounts, I just want the notes.” Because like everyone here will really hate you if you do.

Also, websites such as We Heart It (short WHI), Zerochan, etc. are not sources. 

Proper sources are, for example: Pixiv, DeviantArt (if it’s not stolen art), Drawr, etc.

And maybe the artist already has a tumblr, if they really have, please just reblog art from their blog.

"Whoa, whoa, hold on! This is waaaay too much work!"

Well then, JUST DON’T FREAKING REPOST ART IF IT’S TOO MUCH WORK YOU LAZY BUTT. Creating art takes usually around 5 hours, if not maybe even more. Asking for permission and reposting art takes around 5 minutes.

Edit: Here is a sourcing guide!!